Thursday, February 20, 2014

TRUTH: How Can We Know?

I have visited the Grand Canyon twice.  The great expanse is bewildering; it is hard to take it all in.

Speaking of being bewildered, tragically, people get bewildered as they contemplate how to know what is true.  May I suggest that knowing the answers to the questions of life, purpose, man, God and what is next is not bewildering.  It is graspable by each person.  I suggest that what is bewildering about knowing the truth is the many many many many many many and many voices out there saying what they believe the true answers to life's questions are.  Included in those voices is your own.  There are truths that you just do not like (or will not) and would rather another answer.


Where to begin?  Where do I begin to cut through the chatter and get at the truth?  The starting point is actually one that is so intuitive that hardly anyone mentions it.  And if it were not for the fact that it really is the first step in knowing the truth it would not need to be mentioned.   But, it is so commonly assumed in our thinking that it is neglected in conversation.


You know you are here and that you are a conscious knowing being.  There is nothing I can quote or cite to prove it.  Any person that says, 'I am not real / I am not here,' defeats their own proposition by speaking the word "I."  To deny your existence is lunacy.

Because you are self-conscious of your existence and rationality you can have confidence that further truth is knowable.

I am planning at least two more articles on the subject of How We Can Know Truth.  Please check back.  It does get more interesting.

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